Here you’ll find our media releases and opinions about banking in New Zealand, along with our media appearances.

Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Banks want more ID to fight crime

- Chief executive Kirk Hope said, “We all have a role to play in the new anti-money laundering regime … This is about New Zealand’s international reputation and fighting crime.”
Media Releases

Cracking down on money laundering to combat serious crime

- Cracking down on money laundering is part of a global response to serious crime and terrorism. New Zealand banks are playing their part by implementing a new law which comes into force on 30 June 2013. Under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 all New Zealand banks have additional obligations to... Read more »
Media Appearances - Property surging outside Auckland

- Chief executive Kirk Hope said house prices were not being spurred along by looser credit conditions as the Reserve Bank claimed. Credit growth was running at about 3 per cent. “This isn’t a credit-driven price issue, it’s a supply-driven price issue,” he said.
Media Releases

Skimming bust a reminder to be on guard

- This week’s sentencing of two Romanian fraudsters provides a useful reminder to be on guard when using your bank card. The convicted men were planning to set up skimming devices on ATMs in New Zealand, have been fined $1000 each and will be deported from the country. “While we would like to have seen a... Read more »
Media Appearances - Law to restrain loan sharks bites banks

- Bankers’ association chief executive Kirk Hope said banks were never the target of the measures contained in the bill, which was aimed at reining in abusive loan sharks and dodgy debt collectors. “The most vulnerable consumers could be protected by enforcing the existing laws,” he said.
Media Appearances - Banks may be playing on customer ignorance

- “Banks have worked really hard and have involved people like Writemark in the development of their product material,” Hope said. They also all have programmes to lift financial literacy among customers, and people in the community.