Here you’ll find our media releases and opinions about banking in New Zealand, along with our media appearances.

Media Releases

Bankers’ Association responds to regulators

- Last night the Bankers’ Association responded to calls from the Reserve Bank and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to provide them with evidence of how New Zealand’s banking culture and conduct is different from what has been revealed by the Australian Royal Commission into financial services industry misconduct. In a letter to the regulators, the... Read more »
Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Australian banking scandal: New Zealand regulator in talks with financial firms

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Karen Scott-Howman said New Zealand’s regulatory environment was very different from that in Australia. “The New Zealand financial services sector — banking, wealth management, superannuation, KiwiSaver and insurance — is well managed, well regulated and has high levels of customer trust and confidence.”