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Media Appearances

Business Desk - Banking Association: Value of new home loans down by 19%

- “It shows that many people took advantage of interest rates when they were at historic lows. They likely retained their repayments at the same level as before, or increased them, to help repay their loans faster and save on the overall loan cost. It also means that nearly half the people with home loans had... Read more »
Media Releases

Some bright spots for home loan customers in stormy times

- The value of new home loans decreased 18.9% in the six months to December 2022, according to data insights released by the New Zealand Banking Association today. This comes as borrowers face steeply rising interest rates and a nationwide drop in property values. “Many households are doing it tough in the face of the rising... Read more »
Media Appearances

Stuff - Banks told to make it easier for teens to get bank accounts

- New Zealand Banking Association Te Rangapū Pēke chief executive Roger Beaumont said banks were working to address financial inclusion issues, “which often needs to be balanced with the need to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, including things like anti-money laundering law”.
Media Appearances - The Government’s had another go at fixing problematic credit rules it first implemented nearly 18 months ago, but the bankers are still not thrilled

- NZBA’s chief executive Roger Beaumont, asked for a response to the Government’s latest repair effort, said the tweaks to the CCCFA regulations “still mean affordability assessments are needed for all types of lending and borrowers. This also means banks no longer have the discretion or flexibility to help customers in need, for example in cases... Read more »