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Media Releases

Most deferred loans ‘back to normal’

- More than two thirds of consumer loans that had principal and interest repayments deferred due to the impact of Covid-19 were now ‘back to normal’ said the New Zealand Bankers’ Association today. At the same time, nearly 40% of consumer loans that had reduced repayments were now back on track. “As we near the end... Read more »
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Stuff - Robertson opening banking hub in Martinborough

- Robertson hoped the trials would be successful because he admitted online banking had meant many smaller branches were closing. “It’s not economic for the banks to keep branches open absolutely everywhere, so rather than have nothing, we’ve got the possibility of a hub like this.”
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Bay of Plenty Times - Mortgage wars: How homeowners are saving tens of thousands

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Roger Beaumont said interest rates were at historic lows. “That’s good news for households and businesses looking to borrow. The flip side is that investors, including people who rely on interest income, get a lower rate of return on bank deposits.”
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NZ Adviser - FIRST Union welcomes trial of regional banking hubs

- FIRST Union supports the trial of banking hubs in four New Zealand regions as the country seeks to maintain face-to-face services amid the COVID-19 pandemic, retain jobs in banking, and ensure that rural areas don’t lose vital infrastructure.