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NZ Herald - Banks’ handling of home loan applications stirs protests

- Beaumont said he was not surprised the government’s new rules were making some customers unhappy, and front line workers were bearing the brunt of that. “It’s also not surprising they’re complaining to the Banking Ombudsman about it, even though we’re not responsible for the rule change.”
Media Releases

ASB to chair New Zealand Bankers’ Association

- ASB chief executive Vittoria Shortt has been elected chair of the New Zealand Bankers’ Association and takes on the role today. BNZ chief executive Dan Huggins was elected deputy chair. The chair and deputy chair take on their respective roles for two years. Ms Shortt says the banking industry has supported Kiwis through an incredibly challenging... Read more »
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NZ Adviser - Government tweaks controversial CCCFA lending laws

- Roger Beaumont, chief executive of the New Zealand Bankers’ Association, said that while the government “identified some of the main pain points for consumers,” ’it is “not clear the changes … will move the dial enough to make a difference.”
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Bloomberg - New Zealand Banks Urge RBNZ to Delay New Lending Restrictions

- “The combination of LVR restrictions, CCCFA changes, increasing interest rates and taxation changes in particular appear to be having the effect of slowing growth in the home-lending market,” the Association said in its submission. These changes “may have resolved the problem that DTIs would be designed to address,” it said.
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NZ Herald - Government’s controversial home lending rules: Minister David Clark announces tweaks less than four months after law change

- “We’d like to see the new rules work in a way that doesn’t restrict access to responsible lending for consumers who can afford it, while ensuring vulnerable consumers are protected from high-cost credit that may not suit their circumstances. These changes maintain the one-size fits all approach that hasn’t worked so far.”