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Media Appearances - Bank lobby group to ‘investigate’ a voluntary reimbursement scheme for their customers who become scam victims, throws down the gauntlet to the Government for help with Anti-Scam Centre

- “Banks have launched phase one of the Anti-Scam Centre by identifying and sharing more information faster about mule accounts. We’d like to see other sectors in the scam ecosystem contribute to the Anti-Scam Centre, and the Government can help encourage them to do so,” Beaumont says.
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Banks seek government support for Anti-Scam Centre

- The banking industry has asked the government to support a New Zealand Anti-Scam Centre, as part of a response to recent ministerial requests on scam prevention. In a letter to commerce and consumer affairs minister Andrew Bayly, New Zealand Banking Association chief executive Roger Beaumont asked the government to consider leading scam prevention in New... Read more »
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NBR - ‘Lead the way on scams’, banks tell Government

- The NZBA has requested operational support from other government agencies, that letters of expectation be sent to relevant industry participants such as telcos and social media companies, and that the Commerce and Consumer Affairs minister help co-ordinate action.