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Media Appearances

Stuff - Government emissions reduction plan not ambitious enough

- Recent submissions on the government’s Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) from the Sustainable Business Council (SBC), New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) and Toitū Tahua, the Centre for Sustainable Finance (TT CSF), show an extraordinary willingness among the private sector to engage collaboratively with government on the climate transition and emissions reductions pathways.
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Stuff - Credit crunch: Mortgage brokers hit back at lending rule changes

- “The law change was meant to help vulnerable consumers avoid unaffordable debt. It’s also affecting people seeking home loans, where there are traditionally very low rates of borrowers being unable to make repayments. That’s still the case, but the law change has tightened banks’ ability to lend.”
Media Releases

Partnership boosts banking access

- Financial mentors in small communities are helping people access banking services thanks to a partnership between FinCap and the New Zealand Bankers’ Association. A partnership agreement announced in March is now delivering for people living in places from Balclutha to Murupara through a Banking Collaboration Project funded in the first year of the partnership. Under... Read more »
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Good Returns - Banks need to make CCCFA easy for advisers: Gough

- The bravest of brave faces has come from the Bankers Association, which declared that “banks are responsible lenders, and support the aims of the law”. Earlier, the association complained the CCCFA was being rushed through without sufficient clarity on what had to be done and without enough time to do it.
Media Releases

We all have a role to play in calling out economic harm

- If you see signs of economic harm among family and friends, it’s important to call it out. That’s a key message from the New Zealand Bankers’ Association, which is supporting the first Economic Harm Awareness Day in Aotearoa New Zealand organised by Good Shepherd NZ on Friday 26 November. Economic harm can affect anyone, regardless... Read more »
Media Appearances - Changes to consumer lending rules from December 1 bring increased requirement to verify borrower information and assess suitability

- Roger Beaumont, CEO of bank lobby group the New Zealand Bankers’ Association, said; “banks are responsible lenders, and we support the aims of the law changes to help people avoid taking on unaffordable debt. We also think it’s important that people are prepared for what the law change will mean for them when they apply... Read more »