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Good Returns - Advisers inundated with policy changes by banks

- Some advisers have also complained of too many different systems from different banks, meaning the multiple changes come in many different forms, depending on which bank they are dealing with. But the NZBA says there cannot be a uniform approach across the banking sector for competition reasons.
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Otago Daily Times - Mortgage approvals in South contract

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association warned the Government as far back as 2019 that changes to lending laws could cut people off from mortgages they could likely afford to pay.
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Stuff - Government emissions reduction plan not ambitious enough

- Recent submissions on the government’s Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) from the Sustainable Business Council (SBC), New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) and Toitū Tahua, the Centre for Sustainable Finance (TT CSF), show an extraordinary willingness among the private sector to engage collaboratively with government on the climate transition and emissions reductions pathways.
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Stuff - Credit crunch: Mortgage brokers hit back at lending rule changes

- “The law change was meant to help vulnerable consumers avoid unaffordable debt. It’s also affecting people seeking home loans, where there are traditionally very low rates of borrowers being unable to make repayments. That’s still the case, but the law change has tightened banks’ ability to lend.”