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Media Appearances

Stuff - Banks told: Don’t charge interest on mortgage holidays

- “Last week we announced that New Zealand’s retail banks are offering mortgage repayment deferrals. That represents immediate financial relief for many customers. Banks do not profit from this. In fact, they cover the cost of providing that credit for the period of the deferred payments.”
Media Appearances

Good Returns - Banks roll out mortgage holidays

- Roger Beaumont, chief executive of the New Zealand Bankers’ Association, said: “While there are obvious advantages for people in need, repayment deferrals may extend the time it takes to repay the loan and will add interest cost
Media Releases

Banks offer six month mortgage repayment deferrals

- New Zealand’s retail banks are offering to defer repayments for all residential mortgages for up to six months for customers financially affected by Covid-19. “We know that some customers are already being financially impacted by Covid-19 and have an immediate need. That’s why the banking industry as a whole is stepping up with this further... Read more »