Here you’ll find our media releases and opinions about banking in New Zealand, along with our media appearances.

Media Releases

Spotlight on a day in the life of a financial mentor

- Decision makers from government and the financial sector are spending time with financial mentors to get practical insights into their daily work and the assistance they offer clients experiencing vulnerability and financial difficulties. The initiative, called A Day in the Life, is part of a partnership between FinCap and the New Zealand Banking Association –... Read more »
Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Whangamatā among four towns to get regional banking hub

- The new hub in Whangamatā will be located in a stand-alone location and have a multi-bank Smart ATM and a coin and note change service. A concierge will be available to assist customers access the services, which include an ATM, tablet for online banking, and phone. These services will be available in private areas to... Read more »
Media Appearances

Good Returns - Mortgage interest payments rising rapidly

- The New Zealand Banking Association says while the Reserve Bank is raising the cost of borrowing to help fight inflation, people are starting to borrow less. That’s also a reflection of the property market.