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Media Appearances - RBNZ finally gets conditional agreement from the Finance Minister for debt serviceability tools, but the initial one it’s able to use is likely to be one pushed by the bank lobby group

- This is the alternative to a DTI ratio tool suggested by bank lobby group the New Zealand Bankers’ Association in its response to the 2017 consultation. NZBA argued the evidence linking high-DTI loans and loan defaults was weak, with job loss having the most significant impact on the likelihood of loan default.
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NZ Herald - Face to face banking fees should be dropped – Age Concern

- “Anyone concerned about their bank fees should talk to their bank to discuss their particular situation and how they can avoid fees,” he said. “Some banks waive fees for older customers. Everyone’s circumstances are a bit different and it pays to have a chat about how your bank can help you.”
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Otago Daily Times - Just you wait

- Beaumont said banks understood change could be difficult for some customers. “When these often challenging decisions are made, banks put in place significant programmes to communicate and support their customers through the change.”
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NBR - Business Banks grilled over branch closures

- Politicians from both sides of the House sought answers on how banks would protect the estimated 1% to 2% of customers who were likely to never access digital banking services. NZBA chief executive Roger Beaumont said phone banking was an “elegant solution” for customers in this situation, because most still had a landline.