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Media Releases

NZBA announces new name

- NZBA today announced it would be called the New Zealand Banking Association – Te Rangapū Pēke. It was previously known as the New Zealand Bankers’ Association. New Zealand Banking Association – Te Rangapū Pēke chief executive Roger Beaumont says: “We’re delighted to announce our new name, and that it includes our name in te reo... Read more »
Media Releases

‘Take a sec to check’ say banks in scam awareness campaign

- Banks are asking people to ‘take a sec to check’ before they part with their money or personal information, in a campaign aimed at raising scam awareness over summer. “We’re encouraging everyone to take a moment before making a payment or giving away personal information, just to be sure it’s not a scam,” says New... Read more »
Media Appearances

Stuff - Are we on the brink of a wave of mortgagee sales?

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Roger Beaumont says in the current climate it is not surprising to see mortgagee sales starting to rise. But mortgagee sales are a “last resort”, he says. They are also rare, and represent a tiny fraction of the around 1.25 million home loans there are in New Zealand.