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Media Appearances

Stuff - Banks: Proposed home loan changes still won’t help

- “The Government’s tweaks to the CCCFA lending rules announced in March are just a band aid. We don’t think the tweaks will make a big difference for most borrowers. That’s because most of the existing requirements remain in place, meaning customers will still have to provide detailed information about their spending, resulting in a more... Read more »
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NZ Herald - Mortgage lending drops by a third, customers afraid of loan rejection as banks enforce CCCFA rules

- “The new rules have a one-size-fits-all approach for all lenders and all loan types and values, which has seriously impacted people applying for home loans. The new rules require banks to collect and verify much more information from customers, and the prescriptive approach means banks don’t have the same discretion or flexibility they used to.”
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NZ Herald - Trust in banks is being eroded, Consumer NZ says

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Roger Beaumont said factors outside banks’ control such as the rising cost of living and the ongoing economic impact of Covid-19 had negatively affected consumer sentiment generally, and that in turn impacted how people feel about banks.
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Good Returns - Bank complaints rise

- “We’re not surprised the government’s new rules are making some customers unhappy, and our front line workers bear the brunt of that. It’s also not surprising they’re complaining to the Banking Ombudsman about it, even though we’re not responsible for the rule change,” Beaumont said.