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Media Appearances

Autofile - Fresh guidance on new lending laws

- “We also think it’s important that people are prepared for what the law change will mean for them when they apply for a loan. Customers will have to provide more information and lenders will need to do more to check it’s correct, which will make the whole process longer.”
Media Releases

“Changes to consumer lending and how it affects you” – information welcomed by financial mentors and lenders

- Changes to consumer lending law to help people avoid unaffordable debt mean it may take longer to get a loan from 1 December. Information to help consumers prepare for the changes has been welcomed by financial mentors and lenders. The changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 mean credit applications are likely... Read more »
Media Appearances

Good Returns - Bankers Association agrees rules can be difficult

- “As an industry we sometimes find implementing deadlines can be challenging,” Beaumont said. “For example, the law sets a compliance date but the more detailed regulations or guidance are not available until close to the deadline.”
Media Releases

Calls to banks up 20% through lockdown

- The number of customers contacting their bank has increased 20% since New Zealand went into Covid alert level 4 lockdown on 17 August. “In the first week of lockdown banks saw little customer contact due to the Covid restrictions. Since then, calls have increased on average 20 per cent. We put the increase down mostly... Read more »