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Media Releases

Banks progress anti-scam initiatives

- Work towards establishing a national Anti-Scam Centre to further fight fraud and scams is progressing as retail banks make it harder for criminals to target New Zealanders. New Zealand Banking Association chief executive Roger Beaumont says: “Banks are often at the end of a chain of events that makes up a scam and we know... Read more »
Media Appearances

TVNZ - Banks join forces to fight scammers

- New Zealand Banks Association chief executive officer Roger Beaumont told 1News the scams are essentially “digital ram-raids” but he can’t reveal too much about the banks’ collaboration effort. “We can’t go into too much detail because we don’t want to give the scammers too much information, but key information can be shared between banks.”
Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Bank scams: MBIE, bank survey says $198m lost to scammers

- “Scams go much wider than our industry, affecting government agencies, telcos, social media companies, and internet service providers. An anti-scam centre would provide a centralised and co-ordinated multi-sector approach to fighting scams from a New Zealand-wide perspective,” Beaumont said.