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Media Appearances

Consumer NZ - Rural banking: Are the new hubs working?

- The seven hubs are part of a trial by the New Zealand Banking Association to find a new approach to providing banking services in rural areas. Six banks are involved – ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB and Westpac.
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NZ Adviser - How are bank home loan volumes tracking?

- New Zealand Banking Association chief executive Roger Beaumont told NZ Adviser that the drop in the number of new home loans was a likely reflection of the state of the housing market and wider economic conditions during the first half of 2023.
Media Appearances - NZ Banking Association figures show while many mortgage holders remain ahead with repayments, 1.4% are behind, while over 9000 bank customers applied for hardship status

- “Over 43% of home loan customers were ahead on their loan repayments, compared to 1.4% of home loan customers behind on their repayments. That shows that many people with home loans are managing relatively well. It means that those paying more than their minimum repayments likely built in a cushion in case their circumstances change.”
Media Releases

Bank customers remain resilient in challenging times

- Savers are making the most of higher interest rates and borrowers are managing through the current economic challenges, according to retail banking data insights for the six months to June released by the New Zealand Banking Association today. New Zealand Banking Association chief executive Roger Beaumont says that while the rise in the cost of... Read more »
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Stuff - Consumer NZ calls on banks to act faster to battle scams

- The NZ Banking Association said last week that the industry was focusing on a number of initiatives to fight fraud and scams, including real-time information sharing between organisations affected by scams, and a confirmation of payee account name checking service.
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The Paypers - New Zealand banks take scam-preventing measures

- According to the New Zealand Banking Association, banks have made significant investments when it comes to fraud analytics and prevention. These investments aim to help identify unusual spending on credit cards and check with customers before processing those payments, as well as warn of potential scams when customers make payments in suspicious circumstances.