Here you’ll find our media releases and opinions about banking in New Zealand, along with our media appearances.

Media Releases

Good management keeps banks strong

- Banks are managing their businesses well and that helps support New Zealand’s economic growth said the New Zealand Bankers’ Association in response to KPMG’s Financial Institutions Performance Survey for the quarter to June 2014. The report showed a normalised increase in bank profits of 6.2 per cent for the quarter. “Profitability is an important part... Read more »
Media Appearances

NZ Herald - House hunters risk financial ruin

- New Zealand Bankers Association chief executive Kirk Hope said banks would consider a borrower’s servicing ability before agreeing to lend on a second home or offering bridging finance.
Media Appearances - Young men in the red – Trust

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope said the allegations were “surprising”. “The customer’s ability to service the loan is a key factor in any lending decision. It’s important that people are up front to the bank about their circumstances and their ability to repay the loan.” He said defaults on bank loans were “low”... Read more »