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Media Appearances

3 News - Cash use declining but more in circulation

- Cash in circulation rose by 8 percent last year. There’s now $5 billion in circulation despite the fact cash use is declining. New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope joined Paul Henry in studio to explain how and why this is occurring.
Media Releases

NZBA warns against email whaling scams

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) warns that anyone can be the target of an email whaling scam. Following a fake email purportedly sent by NZBA’s chief executive to a colleague, it was thanks to training and attention to detail that the scammer was foiled. NZBA’s work includes educating consumers on fraud prevention, and believes... Read more »
Media Releases

NZBA welcomes FMA’s proposed guide on conduct

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) today welcomed the Financial Markets Authority’s (FMA) release of ‘A guide to the FMA’s view of conduct’. “Good conduct and trust form a vital part of banks’ relationships with their customers. New Zealand banks work hard to ensure their customers’ interests are considered first when providing financial advice, so... Read more »