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Media Appearances - FMA criticised for compromising quality by trying to increase the quantity of KiwiSaver advice on offer

- NZBA submits that the Guidance Note should retain its current level of flexibility in recognition of the fact that sales conversations can evolve differently. NZBA would not like to see further prescriptive steps or ‘checklists’ added as a result of consultation, which will not necessarily further the objective of providing simple or better advice to... Read more »
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NZ Herald - RBNZ announce review of bank capital requirements

- The review will cover the definition of capital, the measurement of risks that the banks face and the minimum capital requirements and buffer,” said Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Grant Spencer in a speech to the New Zealand Bankers’ Association in Auckland.
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Strong banking sector highly competitive – FIPS

- KPMG’s Financial Institutions Performance Survey for the 2016 financial year has found that the strength of the New Zealand banking sector continues to underpin its performance. “The strength of New Zealand’s banks continues to provide a solid platform for our economic growth. Our banks are well capitalised and regulated, and highly competitive. That means they’re... Read more »
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NBR - RBNZ to hold more talks over bank quarterly disclosure regime

- The banks, through their industry lobby the New Zealand Bankers’ Association, sought another round of consultation “to work out the detail of the disclosures required, in particular to ensure that the disclosures are comparable between banks with different structures, and to address any other issues that will likely arise.”
Media Appearances - Scammers almost swipe $12,000 from Motueka woman

- “Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to trick people into providing confidential information which allows them to access bank accounts.” NZBA advises people to never give out confidential information such as PIN numbers or bank account usernames.
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Phone scam targets elderly

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association has issued a warning to beware fraudsters pretending to be utility companies and banks who are targeting elderly people. “Never give out bank account usernames, passwords, PINs or verification codes. While your bank may ask questions to confirm your identity, it will never ask for this confidential information. “If in... Read more »
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Telephone survey scam warning

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association today warned people to beware a telephone survey scam. Cautious members of the public have reported receiving unsolicited calls from an organisation called the “Bankers’ Association of New Zealand” claiming to be doing a customer satisfaction survey and seeking personal information. “We strongly encourage people not to engage with these... Read more »