Here you’ll find our media releases and opinions about banking in New Zealand, along with our media appearances.

Media Appearances

NBR - P2P goads big banks as market heats up

- “Banks are used to operating in a very competitive environment and have proven themselves adaptable in responding to new entrants in the market and changing customer demands. In a sense there’s nothing new here.”
Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Mortgagee sales: Fewer people lose homes

- Asked if distressed sales could jump once interest rates headed north, Mr Hope said a customer’s ability to repay the loan was the key to any lending decision. He urged anyone facing financial challenges to talk to their bank early.
Media Appearances

3 News - Cash use declining but more in circulation

- Cash in circulation rose by 8 percent last year. There’s now $5 billion in circulation despite the fact cash use is declining. New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope joined Paul Henry in studio to explain how and why this is occurring.