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Media Releases

Money Week: What does debt do for you?

- Debt can finance personal, household and business needs and aspirations. That’s the New Zealand Bankers’ Association’s response to Money Week’s big question: what does debt do for you? “We often need to borrow money to buy our own home or get a business off the ground. That’s the kind of debt our banks are here to... Read more »
Media Appearances

Radio NZ - Legal action against Australian bank could affect NZ

- August 12, 2017 –  Climate change is recognised as a potential financial risk by New Zealand banks and the NZBA is working with groups such as Deep South Challenge to get a greater understanding of the risks from climate change on investments, said chief executive Karen Scott-Howman.
Media Releases

Banking Ombudsman making banking better for 25 years

- The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has been providing a free and independent disputes resolution service for 25 years. That’s an important milestone for banks customers, and something worth celebrating, says the New Zealand Bankers’ Association. “The Banking Ombudsman has made an incredibly valuable contribution to banking in New Zealand since 1992,” says New Zealand Bankers’ Association... Read more »

How should your bank treat you?

- Karen Scott-Howman Published in Stuff BusinessDay, 18 July 2017 In 1992 two things happened that changed banking in New Zealand for good. In that year the Banking Ombudsman was established and the Code of Banking Practice was first published. Unless you’ve had a problem with your bank, you might not think much of this. So... Read more »
Media Releases

Look out for financial elder abuse

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association is encouraging people to look for the signs of financial elder abuse as part of Elder Abuse Awareness Week. “Financial elder abuse is the illegal or improper use of older people’s money, property and other assets. This kind of abuse is a very real risk for older New Zealanders. It’s... Read more »