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Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Banks slam FMA KiwiSaver selling advice

- The banking industry’s lobby group has slammed the investment regulator over its guidance on how KiwiSaver should be sold, saying it will be harder for consumers to get information on the retirement savings scheme.
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Newstalk ZB - Most Kiwis rate their bank highly – survey

- A survey by Consumer NZ shows the banking sector in New Zealand rates well above other service sectors. New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope says banks have lifted their game over the last five years, with an eight percent increase in customer satisfaction from 84 percent to 92 percent.
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Newstalk ZB - Bankers keen to make Kiwis more money smart

- The week ahead is Money Week, and the banking industry is getting on board with a range of financial education activities. Mr Hope says banks are backing Money Week because they believe well-informed customers are better placed to make borrowing and investment decisions.
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3 News - New bill could reduce compliance costs

- A reduction in compliance costs could be on the way for small and medium sized companies if the new financial reporting bill passes later this year. New Zealand Bankers’ Association CEO Kirk Hope says the savings could be significant.
Media Appearances - Commerce Commission prosecutes ‘reprehensible’ loan shark who charged interest rates as high as 1,738% to vulnerable consumers

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association issued a statement applauding Hunt’s prosecution. NZBA chief executive Kirk Hope said at last year’s Financial Summit the banking industry had agreed with regulators and consumer groups that robust enforcement of existing consumer protection law was crucial to cracking down on rogue lenders who prey on vulnerable people.
Media Appearances - ‘No wholesale move by banks to sell people out of their homes,’ bank lobby group says responding to Terralink pointing to ‘marked upturn’ in major banks forcing mortgagee sales

- Bank lobby group the New Zealand Bankers’ Association has hit back at suggestions from property information provider Terralink that mortgagee sales are rising because of a “marked upturn” in the major banks forcing them, saying the total number of mortgagee sales last year was less than 0.2% of the total number of mortgages and there’s... Read more »
Media Appearances - Banks cry foul over levy

- “The benefits to already responsible participants are not at all evident compared to the costs they are being asked to shoulder,” Hope said. While banks could pose a greater structural risk to the economy, Hope said the prudential risks of the sector were already being managed by the Reserve Bank. “At a structural level we’re talking about... Read more »
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NZ Herald - Banks pay big fees to fund FMA

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope said it had no issue with an industry contribution to FMA costs but the levy was disproportionate to the benefits received.