Media Appearances

Media Appearances

3 News - Government credited with improving bank profits

- Hope says the profits are result of the government’s “prudent fiscal management”, which has kept New Zealand’s economy strong. “It’s probably a preferable outcome to the opposite, which is what we’re seeing in Europe, where there is continued malaise, businesses are unable to get lending to help grow the economy and there are real problems.”
Media Appearances - Auckland property owners warned

- Aucklanders feeling wealthier on the back of higher property valuations are being urged not to borrow more on what is essentially “paper wealth”. Kirk Hope, chief executive of the Bankers’ Association, said banks would be very discerning. “Just because a value increases doesn’t mean they will be able to borrow more,” he said.
Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Highs and lows of apartment life

- Chief executive Kirk Hope said: “Size is among a number of factors that banks may take into account when looking at lending on apartments. When lending on small apartments the bank needs to consider if it will get its money back in case of default. It may not where demand for very small residences is... Read more »
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Radio NZ - Calls for LVR restrictions to be gone

- Banker’s Association chief executive Kirk Hope said easing the restrictions would not be the end of the world and suggested loosening them from 10 percent to perhaps 15 percent might help flagging economic growth.
Media Appearances - Banks will cover XP internet banking

- Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope said banks always recommended people protected themselves from online fraud by keeping their operating systems and security software up-to-date.