Smarter Banking: how to get the most out of your banking

If you’d like to get the most out of your banking and manage your money better, it might pay to check out the Smarter Banking guide launched by the New Zealand Bankers’ Association today.

“The guide provides practical information for customers about their everyday banking. It’s also intended to complement the recently revised Code of Banking Practice, which sets out five high-level promises that our banks make to their customers,” says New Zealand Bankers’ Association deputy chief executive Antony Buick-Constable.

“The guide covers things like the easiest ways to bank and getting the right products and services to suit your individual needs. It also includes tips on how to set up and cancel recurring payments, avoid bank fees, and keep yourself safe from fraud.

“There’s also information on switching banks and how to make a complaint if you’re not satisfied with your bank.

“We hope the guide will appeal widely to bank customers. Some of the information will be especially useful for vulnerable consumers who are the focus of the Financial Inclusion Industry Forum that’s taking place in Auckland this week.”

The Smarter Banking guide includes information on:

  • What you can expect from your bank
  • Easiest ways to bank
  • Opening accounts and applying for credit
  • Setting up and cancelling direct debits
  • Choosing and managing your credit card
  • How to avoid bank fees
  • Fraud safety and cybersecurity
  • Protecting yourself from financial abuse
  • Financial hardship – how your bank can help
  • Switching banks
  • How to make a complaint

A printable version of the guide is available here: 

The content of the guide is also available on the NZBA website under Smarter Banking here: