We will respect your privacy and confidentiality and keep our banking systems secure

What we will do for you

We’ll respect your privacy and keep your information confidential. And we’ll keep your information and the ways you bank with us secure.

We’ll also let you know how to report a problem about the security of your banking, including our electronic banking systems.

If you’re a victim of fraud where someone accessed and used your electronic banking or your card without your authority, talk to us immediately. We’ll look at how we can help.

We’ll reimburse any of those fraud losses if you:

  • weren’t dishonest or negligent
  • complied with our terms and conditions for electronic banking or card use, and
  • took reasonable steps to protect your banking.

See our terms and conditions for details.

How you can help us

It’s important to keep your banking safe and secure.

Please follow any security requirements in our terms and conditions or on our website and regularly check your accounts. And if your name or contact details change, remember to let us know.

Keep information about you and your accounts safe and your computer, mobile phone, and other devices secure.

Be a little suspicious – avoid clicking email links or downloading unknown software as it could be a scam.

Please don’t let anyone else use or see your PIN or password while you’re doing your banking. Banks never ask you for your PIN or password.