NZBA announces new name

NZBA today announced it would be called the New Zealand Banking Association – Te Rangapū Pēke. It was previously known as the New Zealand Bankers’ Association.

New Zealand Banking Association – Te Rangapū Pēke chief executive Roger Beaumont says: “We’re delighted to announce our new name, and that it includes our name in te reo Māori. The ingoa, or name, was given to us by Tāwhia, the Māori banking rōpū, and we are very grateful for this generous gift. The name reflects who we are as an association of banks woven together to speak with one voice.

“We’ve taken the opportunity to update our English name to include ‘banking’ rather than ‘bankers’. That better reflects our role as an advocate for the banking industry rather than individual bankers.

“We also have a new logo in the form of a woven ‘B’ for banking, which represents our banks moving forward together to deliver for all New Zealanders.”

NZBA was established in 1891 and was then known as the Associated Banks in New Zealand. In 1958 it changed its name to the New Zealand Bankers’ Association.

“The banking industry has been integral to the history and economic development of New Zealand. As the country has evolved, so have our banks. Our new name is another step for us along that road,” says Beaumont.

NZBA provides a voice for its 18 member banks on non-competitive industry issues. For further information about the New Zealand Banking Association – Te Rangapū Pēke, see:


Note: Tāwhia advised that while there are a number of words in Māori for association or group, ‘rangapū’ is the best fit for NZBA. Rangapū brings in the idea of partnership and also has a strong connection to business.

  • Ranga is short for raranga, or to weave. NZBA’s role is to weave together the collective voice of the New Zealand banking industry.
  • Pū – means a skilled or wise person, or anything growing in a bunch. Pū is also taken from pūtea or money.
  • Rangapū means association, collective or cohort.
  • Pēke means bank or banks.