Banking Ombudsman making banking better for 25 years

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has been providing a free and independent disputes resolution service for 25 years. That’s an important milestone for banks customers, and something worth celebrating, says the New Zealand Bankers’ Association.

“The Banking Ombudsman has made an incredibly valuable contribution to banking in New Zealand since 1992,” says New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Karen Scott-Howman.

“If customers have a problem with their bank, and are not happy with the bank’s response, they can take the issue to the Banking Ombudsman to sort out.

“Banks understand that customer trust and confidence are essential to their ongoing success. The scheme helps support that by providing an impartial disputes resolution service that’s free for customers.

“New Zealanders rate their own banks highly. That’s not just because they’re strong, efficient and well-regulated. It’s also because banks work hard to keep their customers happy, which includes putting right any problems quickly and fairly.

“The Banking Ombudsman Scheme goes hand in hand with NZBA’s Code of Banking Practice, which sets out what customers can expect from their banks as a minimum industry standard.”

The Banking Ombudsman also provides practical customer guidance and information on a range of banking issues.

More information about the Banking Ombudsman Scheme is available at