Telephone survey scam warning

The New Zealand Bankers’ Association today warned people to beware a telephone survey scam.
Cautious members of the public have reported receiving unsolicited calls from an organisation called the “Bankers’ Association of New Zealand” claiming to be doing a customer satisfaction survey and seeking personal information.
“We strongly encourage people not to engage with these callers. They do not represent the New Zealand Bankers’ Association and are highly likely trying to obtain personal information for criminal purposes,” say New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Karen ScottHowman.

“Never give out personal information to unsolicited callers. That includes your full name, date of birth, bank account details and PINs and passwords.
“Neither the Bankers’ Association nor your bank would ever ask you for confidential information such as your PIN or password.
“If in doubt, just hang up.

“We’d like to thank the vigilant members of the public who reported this scam to us. We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves and our information safe from fraudsters,” says Scott-Howman.
More information on scams and how to avoid them is available here.

You can report scams here.