New Zealand Bankers’ Association welcomes Bank of China

Bank of China (New Zealand) today joined the New Zealand Bankers’ Association, bringing the total number of the association’s member banks to 15.

“We are pleased to welcome our first Chinese member bank. The arrival of Bank of China further enhances competition and diversity in our banking sector,” said New Zealand Bankers’ Association Chief Executive Kirk Hope.

Bank of China (New Zealand) Executive Director David Wang said “Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited is proud to be the first Chinese bank to join the New Zealand Bankers’ Association. We believe NZBA plays a very important role in the domestic banking industry and we are excited to be NZBA’s newest member.

“We are committed to New Zealand and making a contribution to the domestic banking industry, as well as being at the forefront of RMB product innovation and facilitating the economic and trade opportunities between China and New Zealand.”

Bank of China’s focus in New Zealand is on international trade, with its core business being corporate banking and financial markets services. Bank of China became a New Zealand registered bank in November 2014.