Regularly check your accounts says Bankers’ Association

With heightened awareness around recent card fraud, the New Zealand Bankers’ Association has issued a reminder to check bank statements regularly.

“We can all help in the fight against fraud by keeping an eye on our bank accounts. If you identify an unauthorised transaction, contact your bank immediately,” said New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope.

“Our banks take customer security very seriously. Banks constantly monitor fraud trends and have systems in place to help stay ahead of the criminals,” said Hope.

As well as checking bank statements for unauthorised transactions, customers can help prevent card fraud by following these simple tips:

  • Guard your card. Treat it like cash. Don’t leave it lying around. Make sure you know where your card is at all times.
  • Protect your PIN. Never tell anyone your PINs or passwords – not even the police, bank staff, friends or family.
  • Cover up. When entering your PIN number at ATMs and EFTPOS terminals, shield the PIN pad with your other hand. Criminals may ‘skim’ your card details by attaching a device to the card reader, and then ‘shoulder surf’ or use hidden cameras to record your PIN.