Is it a scam? Take a sec to check

Scams are on the rise and it’s important for us all to be cautious. Scammers regularly try to find new ways to trick people so before you make a payment, click on a link, hand over personal details, or trust that someone is who they say they are, take a sec to check.

You can help protect yourself from scams with these simple safety tips:

Stay alert – Stay on top of the warning signs of scams, and if you’re not sure take a sec to check by contacting your bank before making payments or giving any personal details.

Be proactive – Stay safer online by using unique, long passwords and changing these regularly – and never give out your passwords or PIN to anyone.

Report – If you suspect any scam related activity report it immediately using the details below.

How is my bank helping to keep me safe?

Find out how your bank is working to keep you safe from scams and warning signs to look out for:

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ASB How to protect yourself from fraud and scams | ASB

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Heartland Bank Heartland security

Kiwibank Online security | Kiwibank

SBS Bank SBS security

TSB Security tips | TSB

Westpac Safety and security | Westpac NZ

Where do I report a scam?

If you think you’ve been scammed contact your bank immediately. You may also report:

Download tips on how to keep yourself safe from online scams