Easiest ways to bank

The ways people bank have changed a huge amount in recent years. Most people bank online or on
their smartphone. There are very few reasons for a customer to need to go into a branch these days, as
banks try to make banking available where and when works for you.

Internet and smartphone banking – 24/7

Internet banking is the most convenient way to bank. It’s available all the time and can be accessed by
a banking app on your smartphone – so you can bank anytime, anywhere.

There are some transactions that you will need help for or cannot be authorised online but these are
rare. These can be dealt with by phone banking.

Tip: Many banks will also send a confirmation text to your phone for transactions if you’re
internet banking, so have it nearby.

Phone banking – 7 days a week

Phone banking is available 7 days a week. Simple requests and automated services are available 24/7
but full customer assistance may not be available late at night or on the weekends.

Phone banking is simple and easy. It’s the best way to ask questions but may take more time than
expected if there are a lot of people calling.

Tip: You will quickly be asked for a customer number or other ID when calling so have it ready.

Your local branch – opening times depend on location (normally five days a week)

For some transactions, such as opening an account, talking about a large loan or becoming a new
customer, you may have to go into a bank branch. If you do, make sure you check the opening times.

Some branches are open late at night and on the weekends but most are only open standard working
hours, and some remote branches are less than that.

If you don’t know whether you need to go into the bank or not, check online or call on phone banking to