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Media Appearances - Budget 2015: Business leaders react

- Bankers Association boss Kirk Hope said removing the kickstart was understandable from a cost perspective, but he called on the Government to commit to beefing up rules around enrolment.
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Budget 2015 continues responsible economic direction

- Budget 2015 continues the government’s responsible economic direction the New Zealand Bankers’ Association said today. “The Budget shows that the New Zealand economy remains on a sound track with a clear path to surplus forecast,” said New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope. “Despite lower than forecast tax revenue, meaning that a surplus will... Read more »
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Don’t get phished, vished or smished

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association is encouraging people to protect their personal information as Australasian Consumer Fraud Week kicks off today. “Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to scam us and steal our money. Scammers use a range of ways to trick people into handing over personal information, usually by phone or email. Once... Read more »
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NZ Herald - Loan restrictions will do little to cool housing market, says bank boss

- New Zealand Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope said the new regulations would make borrowing more difficult for Auckland property investors. But they would have limited impact on prices. “The real issues driving housing affordability in Auckland are the lack of housing supply, and strong inward migration, not the availability of cheap credit.”
Media Appearances - Govt promotes success of new anti-money laundering laws on world stage, while those at the coalface fork out to meet standards

- Banks consider how vulnerable money remitters are based on whether they are registered, accept cash deposits frequently or deposits with a high value, process transfers to or from high risk jurisdictions, aggregate bulk payments and thus remove the transparency on their clients, have little or no upper limits on the value or frequency of transactions,... Read more »
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NBR - Why banks won’t pass on cost of new tax

- “New Zealand is an importer of capital – it’s not a new thing, we’ve always been like that and we will probably have to be for some time. So this is going to tax that more: it does mean extra costs. And any extra costs means, potentially, increased lending costs for businesses and consumers.”
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New Zealand Bankers’ Association boosted by two new affiliate members

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association today announced that Chapman Tripp and Visa New Zealand have joined the Association as its latest affiliate members. “We are pleased both Chapman Tripp and Visa have decided to formalise their relationship with the Association and are delighted to welcome them as affiliate members,” said New Zealand Bankers’ Association Chief... Read more »