Here you’ll find our media releases and opinions about banking in New Zealand, along with our media appearances.

Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Highs and lows of apartment life

- Chief executive Kirk Hope said: “Size is among a number of factors that banks may take into account when looking at lending on apartments. When lending on small apartments the bank needs to consider if it will get its money back in case of default. It may not where demand for very small residences is... Read more »
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Radio NZ - Calls for LVR restrictions to be gone

- Banker’s Association chief executive Kirk Hope said easing the restrictions would not be the end of the world and suggested loosening them from 10 percent to perhaps 15 percent might help flagging economic growth.
Media Releases

Take the plunge and get your money fighting fit

- The New Zealand Bankers’ Association is encouraging people to get their money fighting fit during Money Week which runs from 13 to 19 October. “Financial fitness is a lot like physical fitness. We know it’s good for us and can really improve our lives and how we feel, but sometimes it’s hard to take the... Read more »
Media Appearances - Banks will cover XP internet banking

- Bankers’ Association chief executive Kirk Hope said banks always recommended people protected themselves from online fraud by keeping their operating systems and security software up-to-date.
Media Releases

Banks help leaky unit owners access funding for repairs

- Banks have agreed a streamlined process to help homeowners in multi-unit complexes to access loans to pay for work needed to remedy leaky building issues, the New Zealand Bankers’ Association announced today. The banking industry found that standard funding practices for building developments were difficult to apply in the case of repairs to multi-unit complexes... Read more »
Media Releases

Good management keeps banks strong

- Banks are managing their businesses well and that helps support New Zealand’s economic growth said the New Zealand Bankers’ Association in response to KPMG’s Financial Institutions Performance Survey for the quarter to June 2014. The report showed a normalised increase in bank profits of 6.2 per cent for the quarter. “Profitability is an important part... Read more »