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Media Appearances

NZ Herald - Kiwi banks pay $3.5 billion to Oz parent firms

- She said the banks contributed around $6 to 7 billion to the New Zealand economy every year and employed more than 25,000 people. “They spend around $5 billion running their businesses here and pay around $2 billion in tax.”
Media Appearances

RNZ - Bankers’ Assn backs down over protection for fraud victims

- “What we had thought is that we’d actually covered it under our general principles of fair and reasonable treatment and also our privacy and security principle – it was absolutely always our intention to retain all of the material that had been in our previous code,” she said.
Media Releases

Foil the fraudsters this festive season

- As we head into the summer holidays, the New Zealand Bankers’ Association is reminding people to watch out for financial crime. “Fraudsters love this time of year. They know we’re busy getting ready for the holidays and might let our guard down. This presents an opportunity for them to try to steal our money,” says... Read more »